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FrédARico - The virtual 3D clown who gives children in the home subscription for only 1 € a day laughter and sweetens everyday life!

A smile can change the world. It has the unique ability to lift our spirits, give us comfort and take our minds off worries. In a world where technology shapes our daily interactions, we have developed an extraordinary helper called FrédARico - a virtual 3D clown who gives children with a home subscription a laugh and magically sweetens their everyday life for only one euro a day.


FrédARico is a unique and lovable character who conquers children's hearts with his charm and endless energy. Through advanced 3D animation technology and artificial intelligence, FrédARico comes alive humorous. He acts for the children as if he were right in their home. This is made possible by the latest augmented reality technology.


The FrédARico HomeAbo is a revolutionary idea that allows you, dear parents, to offer your children a daily laughing adventure without having to leave the house. For just €1 a day, you and your kids get access to  fun and dreamy 3D clown AR experiences specially tailored to your kids needs. 


Especially for you, dear parents of chronically ill children, FrédARico proves to be a real blessing. Caring for a chronically ill child can be very draining for you both physically and emotionally. FrédARico is a faithful companion that not only makes for laughter and fun, but also plays an important role in coping with everyday life. Through his antics and jokes, he manages to distract the children from their worries and pains and give them precious moments of joy.


With the right clown experience from FrédARico, you can cater to the individual needs of your child. He is not only a clown who performs funny scenes or, as they say in the circus, reprises, but also a sensitive friend who gives comfort in difficult moments and encourages the children. FrédARico encourages children to believe in themselves and overcome their fears. In his 3D clown experiences   he conveys positive messages such as the importance of never giving up.


The home subscription from FrédARico also offers you, dear parents, a much-needed break and support. Caring for a chronically ill child can require around the clock, and it is important that you dear parents have time for yourself to recharge your batteries and meet your own needs. FrédARico not only takes away the burden of boredom and loneliness from children, but also allows dear parents to take a break knowing that their children are in the best hands.


The positive impact of FrédARico on children's lives is undeniable. Numerous reports from parents and doctors confirm that thanks to FrédARico, children have found a new smile. They report an increased joie de vivre, an improved way of dealing with illness and pain and an overall more positive attitude towards life.


FrédARico is not just a 3D virtual clown, but a true magician who has the power to change children's lives for the better. Its home subscription for only 1 euro per day makes it affordable and accessible for families. With his humour, jokes and loving experiences, FrédARico creates a world full of laughter, joy and hope.


At a time when technology is often viewed as a disconnect, FrédARico proves that it can also serve to connect people and put a smile on children's faces. It is an innovation that enriches the everyday life of families and influences the lives of children in a positive and inspiring way. FrédARico - the virtual 3D clown who conquers children's hearts and gives them the gift of laughter.


Recommended by Markus Strobl, inventor of FrédARico.

"We offer you and your children a clown flat rate from our virtual 3D clown FrédARico. There for you 24/7, anywhere. A clown that you can practically conjure up out of your trouser pocket. Laughter is a cure for the soul. It stimulates children's imagination and gives them moments of joy.He communicates with you on a deep emotional level to give the children a sense of comfort and connection.He reminds you and the children that even in difficult times there are moments of happiness gives."





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