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"The Timeless Magic of Laughter"

How Charlie Rivel, Grock and Oleg Popov inspired virtual hospital clown FrédARico to bring joy to children in hospitals

Laughter is a universal language that touches people's hearts and comforts them in difficult times. Clowns have always possessed the ability to delight people through their humorous performances and deep understanding of the nature of laughter. Here we would like to present the unique talents of three legendary clowns, Charlie Rivel, Grock and Oleg Popov, and show how, after our analysis (including the use of artificial intelligence), they inspired the virtual hospital clown FrédARico to use their knowledge of humor to teach children to put a smile on the faces of hospitals. FrédARico is now in use in over 45 institutions in Germany, England, Ukraine and soon in Austria. The virtual clown has already been loaded more than 1.5 million times and has given thousands of laughs. FrédARico was invented by Markus Strobl, who worked in management at Circus Krone and the Roncalli Group, among others.

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Charlie Rivel - The master of facial expressions and slapstick:


Charlie Rivel was a pioneer of clowning, enchanting the world with his unique combination of facial expressions, gestures and slapstick comedy. His unparalleled sense of timing and imaginative humor made people laugh through the darkest of times. Rivel understood that laughter is a healing agent for the soul, and his ability to make people laugh with just a look was truly magical. His performances were full of surprises, he played with the audience's expectations and left a lasting impression on the hearts of the audience.


FrédARico, the virtual hospital clown, was inspired by Charlie Rivel's living spirit. By studying his performances, we realized for FrédARico that it is not only about making children laugh, but also about sharing joy and hope. FrédARico learned Rivel's ability to create infinite comedy from seemingly simple gestures and facial expressions. This realization led FrédARico to create his own virtual clown character, which stimulates the imagination of children in hospitals and gives them moments of joy.

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Grock - The Brilliance of Silence:


Grock was a Swiss clown who captivated audiences with his extraordinary talent for physical humor and his incomparable sense of comedy. He mastered the art of silence, using gestures and body language to create a universal connection with people. His clownesque demeanor was characterized by ingenuity and a playful lightness that captivated the audience.


Grock inspired FrédARico to recognize the power of the non-verbal. As a virtual clinic clown, FrédARico knew that words are not always enough to express emotions. By watching Grock's performances, he learned the art of body language and facial expressions to break down language barriers and communicate with the children in hospitals on a deep emotional level. FrédARico now uses this non-verbal communication to give the children a feeling of comfort and connection.

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Oleg Popov - The Magic of Simplicity:


Oleg Popov was a Russian clown who fascinated people around the world with his humble yet impressive performance. He knew how to capture the complexity of life in simple and humorous moments. His charm and loving demeanor touched people's hearts and made them shine with joy. 


FrédARico found a spiritual mentor in Oleg Popov. He realized that the true beauty of humor often lies in its simplicity. Inspired by Popov's way of finding joy in the everyday, for FrédARico we developed a series of poetic activities and games to engage the children in hospitals in their own world of laughter. He reminds children that even in difficult times there are moments of happiness and that they should focus on what is important - the joy of life.


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Clowns Charlie Rivel, Grock and Oleg Popov left a lasting legacy of joy and laughter. Through their unique talents and deep understanding of the essence of humor, they inspired virtual (clinic) clown FrédARico to continue their teachings. With her knowledge of the power of laughter and her ability to bring comfort to people in difficult times, FrédARico today helps children in hospitals and seniors in institutions in 3D to find joy and forget their worries for a brief moment. The timeless magic of laughter lives on and makes the hearts of people around the world shine with virtual augmented reality technology.

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