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Hello and welcome to myTouAR. Your virtual tour and city guide. He is available 24/7 at all our partner locations. Simply scan the floor sticker with the myARcard APP and the myTouAR guide   will appear in front of you on the floor sticker as if by magic. Now select the language in the app and it will tell you everything you need to know about the location where you are. Whether in a castle, at a church, at a fountain or in the zoo. He's there. In times of the pandemic, the perfect solution to enable your visitors and guests to take guided tours without contact and in compliance with the rules of distance. An innovative and contemporary must for every city marketing and tourism association! Book now!

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  1. Load and open myARcard APP

  2. Scan the floor sticker with the APP (hold your smartphone approx. 30 cm over it)

  3. When the myTouAR guide appears, step back 2 meters (keep the floor sticker in the smartphone's field of vision.

  4. Select language in the myARcard APP (touch the respective flag with your finger on the display of your smartphone)

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