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"According to current statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 80 percent of children and young people do not exercise enough."



CLOWNY SHUFFLE (original title: Cupid Shuffle)

FrédARico is the world's first virtual clinic clown. Under the motto get healthy and stay healthy, it takes care of the movement of the children.

Now the virtual clinic clown is also available to touch and dance with!

FrédARico has been making sure that children in clinics and institutions laugh more again for a year. And that 24/7 anywhere in the world (with internet). Unfortunately, he has heard that the children are moving less and less and only rarely do sports. He wants to change that. FrédARico's mascot (WalkingAct) is now coming to various places in Europe, bringing his FrédARico Dance, the "Clowny Shuffle". 



for children

The FrédARico dance promotes physical and mental abilities in children that support them throughout their lives: mobility, strength, endurance and concentration. You will be intensively strengthened by FrédARico. The dance specifically appeals to the child's natural urge to move, it increases the children's fitness and gives them confidence in their own movements.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), many children do not move enough because today they spend a lot more time in front of screens such as smartphones, tablets or even game consoles and computers than previous generations. This can result in children having less time for physical activity, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

The WHO recommends that children aged 5 to 17 should be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. This physical activity can consist of various activities, such as walking, running, cycling or even dancing.


The studies show that many children do not get enough physical activity, which poses the following risks: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. It is therefore important that children integrate enough physical activity into their daily routine to lead a healthy life. FrédARico would like to help here and encourage the children to dance and move with his "FrédARico Dance". And of course, we mustn't forget to laugh.



walking act

FrédARico welcomes your guests 


FrédARico is ready for selfies


FrédARico teaches children the "Clowny Shuffle" in a 15-minute dance class

social sponsorship

Give one or more clinics or institutions FrédARico annual subscriptions and laugh, even if it is sometimes difficult.


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