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We open up new ways of marketing and selling your products. With our free APP "myARcard" you can inspire your customers with AR experiences on or with your products. Make a lasting impression on your customers and set additional buying incentives. With our technology, you can digitally refine your products and advertising media and extend your advertising messages or information using augmented reality technology.

1. Easily create and manage your AR project yourself  (customer management system/CMS)


2. Expand your range of services to include a creative and innovative business field with digital refinement through AR 


3. Refine existing or new print material with digital content via AR and expand the spectrum of attention.


That sounds very innovative, is it probably very expensive? No. myARcard has a browser-based customer portal. You can log in very easily and create your AR projects. You pay a setup fee and a data pack per published project. This allows you to create your (marketing) project  quickly and individually. You can download the myARcard app for iOS and Android free of charge.

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There are many uses:

- Promotional campaign 
- Contest
- Sponsoring 
- Distribution
- (Hygiene) education 
- Product presentation
- Hotellerie 
- Gastronomy
- Sports
- digital textile finishing
- Tourism
- Advertising Materials
- print products
- Architecture
- Medicine
- Politics (election campaigns)
- toys

We would be happy to advise you and invite you to a demo campaign.




BavariAR Creative, individual and fast. For every budget!


"AR is the magic of today, for big and small people."

Markus Strobl (Founder & CEO BavariAR)

Why not try something new? How about AR marketing?

You do not need to have an APP programmed for expensive money. Use our free app "myARcard". In our customer portal you store an advertising motif, your packaging design, your bottle label, your poster, your advertisement or your logo. Then choose one of our digital 3D advertising models. Or you can have your own 3D model designed. It doesn't matter whether it's a talking pig, a talking milk bottle, your advertising testimonial or even about yourself. We have individual and innovative campaigns. And that for every budget. Now deposit your advertising message as an mp3. No speaker available? No problem! Let our digital AI speakers speak your desired advertising message in 8 languages.Your customers now only have to load the free APP "myARcard". And let's go!For example, if your customers scan the motif you have stored with us or your packaging design with the "myARcard" app. Then the AR experience starts. Your selected animated 3D model appears on it and delivers your advertising message with the voice you have stored.

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