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Secure myOstARhasi for your Easter campaign. Whether for your Easter greetings, your Easter newsletter or your Easter packaging. Augmented Reality is the magic of today, for big and small people! We refine your Easter campaign with AR.

Children's action:


Stick your motif on the floor as an outdoor sticker. Whether in front of your shop, your club or your institution. Next to an exhibitor with the note, scan the floor sticker with the myARcard APP and myOstARhasi will appear. Give children and your customers the gift of meeting the Easter Bunny!





Setup fee+ 200 scans:  €150*   

*plus set. VAT 


Setup fee+ 500 scans:  €300*   

*plus set. VAT 


Setup fee+ 1000 scans:  €500*   

*plus set. VAT 

SO works myOstARhasi

Give your customers and employees a magical AR experience at Easter time. You send us your company logo, your Easter motif or your Easter card. We transform this(s) into a magical AR experience and send it back to you activated after booking the respective package. If you now scan your logo, your motif or your Easter card with the "myARcard APP", then myOstARhasi will appear on it and bring your Easter greetings. The APP can be downloaded free of charge from the APP Store or Google Play Store. Now send your magic AR logo or your magic Easter card, whether printed or digital, with the note to scan the card or the magic logo with the myARcard APP. We bridge Pandemic-related social distance through emotional closeness with the myOstARhasi experience.

You simply book your scan package. This means that your logo or Easter card can be scanned with the myARcard APP so often that myOstARhasi appears on it. If your scan package is used up, you will receive a message from us and you can book a further discounted scan package.

myOstARhasi even speaks eight languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Russian. Book your AR experience with WOW effect now. This is how Easter greetings work today!

7 steps to your AR experience:

1. Book an AR package and send the logo or Easter card motif

2. Wir transform your logo or your Easter card motif into a magical AR world of experience. Print this out or send it digitally.

3. Download the myARcard APP now

4. Open the APP and hold it at a distance of approx. 10 cm over the logo or Easter motif we have stored

5. The card is scanned

6. A loading bar appears and myOstARhasi appears.

7. Simply click on the appropriate flag and choose a language

Important: Always keep the subject in view. Whether from near or far. Whether from the left or right. Your Smartphone must have   access to the internet!

TIP:You can use two fingers to enlarge mySantAR on the smartphone like a photo. Keep your logo or Easter motif at a sufficient distance!

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