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"FrédARico: The virtual 3D-Clown that makes kids in hotels laugh and is available 24/7."

In today's digital era, children's entertainment is often dominated by screens and electronic devices. But what if there was an innovative way to make children laugh in hotels while promoting their emotional and mental health? This is where FrédARico comes in - a 3D virtual clown specially designed to be available to kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


FrédARico is a unique concept based on the insights and knowledge of the most famous clowns in history. The makers of this innovative clown have analyzed over 1000 clown scenes, including scenes from legendary clowns like Charlie Rivel. With this wealth of experience, FrédARico could be created - a clown who has mastered the art of laughing and manages to make children in hotels smile.


5 AR



plus statutory VAT + €35 setup fee


  • The LMU clinics in Munich have expressly recommended the use of FrédARico. They emphasize the positive effects on children's emotional and mental health. FrédARico is there to entertain and cheer up the children, especially when they are worried, scared or bored. Through his humorous and sometimes dreamy demeanor, he manages to connect with the children and give them moments full of joy, poetry and fun.

  • Another great advantage of FrédARico is its sustainability. Rather than relying on physical clown performers available on specific days or times, this 3D virtual clown can be active 24/7. This eliminates the need for human resources and logistics to deploy a live clown. Hotels can count on FrédARico to keep little guests entertained, no matter the time of day.

  • An additional incentive for hotels to use FrédARico is the cost-effectiveness. An annual license for this virtual 3D clown costs only 150 euros net per month, which is only around 5 euros per day. Compared to the cost of hiring a physical clown, this is an extremely economical solution. Hotels can expand their entertainment options for children without breaking their budget.


To use FrédARico, the children only need their smartphones or those of their parents, a FrédARico magazine or FrédARico book and access to the hotel's WiFi. A dedicated app (Progressive WebApp directly from the hotel's website and without an appstore) allows children to access the 3D virtual clown and enjoy his shows and performances. This easy accessibility ensures that FrédARico is available to all children in the hotels and no one is left out. 


FrédARico is a breakthrough innovation that breaks the traditional children's Clown entertainment to a new level. By combining virtual reality using modern augmented reality technology and the knowledge of the best clowns of yesteryear, we have succeeded in creating a virtual 3D clown that will take children's hearts by storm. With its use in hotels, children can laugh, have fun and at the same time strengthen their emotional and mental health.


In a world where technology is ever more present, FrédARico offers an innovative way to give children a unique and unforgettable experience to offer. With its immediate availability, cost-effectiveness and positive impact on children, this 3D virtual clown is a valuable addition to any hotel that focuses on sustainability and sI take care of the well-being of his young guests. Let FrédARico come to your hotel and fill the children's laughter – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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